About us

CENTO SERVICES was founded in 2013 by a lawyer Martin Holub as a center to provide strategic consultancy for entrepreneurs, business companies and especially for Italian citizens in order to unify and simplify their access to the Czech Republic. At the end of 2017, the company was transformed into a consulting group CENTO BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT. We are building a network of co-operating advisers in Italy and other European countries (in EU). Cooperation with other business advisers becomes our most important asset. Their interdependence, communication and collaboration helps to coverage global market. We speak English, Czech, German and Italian . Our headquartered is in Prague.


CENTO BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT is structured into a heterogeneous network of professionals providing the comprehensive advisory to companies that want to open up the market for their products in the Czech Republic or Italy. The experts who constitute the core of CENTO BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT were selected on the basis of actual experiences with international companies. The team of experienced consultants provides the maximum commercial, legal, tax and accounting advisory services at one place through their strategic cooperation. Our consultants have many years of business experiences with clients who having Italian citizenship and are able to fully understand their requirements. Their professional practice is based on a thorough knowledge of the local environment, the business activities, the Italian mentality and needs of clients. We also have deep knowledge in numerous scientific disciplines, focusing on difference of Italian and Czech commercial law.

Benefits of cooperation with us

We are a dynamic international consulting compny specializing at Italian clients and building long-term relationships with its surrounding. Our competitive advantage is the comprehensive services available almost immediately. Our professional but friendly and very personal approach is always combined with expertise in the areas of interest our clients. With regard to market trends and incessantly the changing global market environment, we try to continuously improve our processes. Integration and synergy of our services helps businesses achieve good business results.